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James Wusterbarth, an independent contractor based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, has diverse skill sets. His commitment to numerous pursuits and an insatiable longing for continuous learning have paved his exceptional journey from serving as a U.S. Naval Officer to working as an NGO international contractor. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, James Wusterbarth embarked on an extraordinary path that would lead him through careers in the military, graduate school-level teaching, regional broadcasting, federal law enforcement, and international independent contracting. His post-graduate journey began in Washington, D.C., in the 1990s, working at the Center for Counterterrorism Studies. He followed this by earning his commission as a U.S. Naval Officer, where he exhibited commitment immediately.

As an OCS graduate, he was one of the smallest group of naval officers at Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training to complete Hellweek. This proved his determination, resilience, and the lengths he is willing to push his mental and physical limits. Because he excelled and never quit, even when he was not given the option to serve in the Special Warfare Community, the Navy rewarded him for his perseverance. He was offered the dream opportunity to complete his service flying for the Navy as a pilot, deploying throughout the Mediterranean, and taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom. His tenure in the Navy highlights the consistent commendation he would receive from superiors, Commanding Officers, and management alike in every organization he served. Ever hungry to develop new skills, James Wusterbarth carved a path of continuous learning. He holds multiple FAA Pilot Licenses, a DOT Merchant Mariner Master Captain’s License up to 25 tons with various boating instructor licenses, and a PADI Master Diver certification, reflecting his enthusiasm for aviation and marine activities.

After receiving his accreditation from Harvard Medical School in Integrative and Clinical Nutrition Sciences, he enriched his expertise through teaching third year medical students at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

Written by: Stephen Jacobsen, Humana-Global Corp
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James Wusterbarth


James Wusterbarth

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